Would she become the alchemist of healing herbs, the pharmacist in the family that her father had always wanted to have? She felt the family imprint and knew she was on the right path.

She began to imagine the fields tinged with lavender violet and the yellow of French marigolds. She read about how to grow aromatic and medicinal species and finally decided to create a space with edible and ornamental flowers, where aromatic and medicinal plants would grow together.

She invited Engineer Juan Ellis, a landscaper, to join her project. Walking along the fields Viviana and Juan designed this visually striking space of colors and scents.

Leo, a friend, would contribute his knowledge of botany and gourmet cuisine, adding a personal touch to the project.

Munay Pampa, Aromas y Colores (Scents and Colors), was delicately conceived and built using traditional methods, in harmony with the climate and nature in the place.

A unique project which combines sustainable tourism and natural beauty.


The project

Munay Pampa was born as a family farm that Viviana, Martín and their daughter Juana shared with family and friends.

In 2011, Viviana felt that her farm would become something more than a weekend home, and started to conceive a project to enjoy "her place in the world", while working in it.

By that time, the last tree plantations around the main house had been completed, and a vegetable garden had been planted for family use.

And the question was then … What next?

In March 2012, Viviana decided she would spend more time in her chacra, and she finally discovered what she would do.

Inside an old trunk she found books and magazines on flowers, herbs and gardens, bought many years before. There was a very special book that had belonged to her father, about medicinal use of plants.