Welcome to Munay Pampa!

Munay Pampa is a unique project which combines sustainable tourism and natural beauty.

Munay Pampa is a chacra located at Minuano, a small rural community 40 km from Colonia's historic city center, only 141 km from the city of Montevideo and 278 km from the city of Punta del Este.

In a rural setting, we offer a mandala of colors and smells, making up a landscape that includes aromatic, medicinal, ornamental and edible spices and plants, native trees, and a family vegetable garden.

Here we have two cozy, simple and typical country-style houses and a natural goods store, with a wide selection of products from our farm and those of our neighbors, overlooking on paths traversing the lush vegetation, stone quarries near the Minuano stream, and a small dam on the banks of which goats and horses graze.

Let your energy flow freely and naturally.

Come visit us and nourish your spirit.