Our programs include:

  • Walking trails through the plantation and the family vegetable garden (*).
  • Hiking trails winding along the Minuano stream, in a setting of lush native vegetation, and the option of stopping for a picnic while listening to the sounds of nature.
  • Cooking lessons with seasonal menus and ingredients from our plantation and from the family vegetable garden.
  • Outdoor Chi-kung lessons, as a tool to achieve spiritual harmony.
  • Basket weaving and flower arranging workshops to develop and promote creativity and design.

Our activities can end with a delicious brunch, with tea served at the vegetable garden house, or around a bonfire at one of the strategically located scenic lookout points.

(*) You can walk the trails either on your own or accompanied by expert guides.



At Munay Pampa we believe that connection with nature brings out deep feelings and significant changes in the spirit of every person.

That is why we offer different activities designed to find a balance between nature, environment and our own self.


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