"A Nice Place"

Using a term from the Quechuan language in the country of the charrúa people was not a mistake, but rather a homage to the ancestors of Martín, Viviana's life-long companion and partner in this venture.

Munay Pampa means “A Nice Place” in the Quechuan language.

Martín turned 50 in Perú. While they were touring Cuzco and Machu Picchu, remodeling works were just beginning in the chacra.

Martín and Viviana asked how to say "A Nice Place" in the Quechuan language: “Munay Pampa”, someone said. They were drawn by those words.

“A Nice Place” was a misunderstanding. When Viviana asked the chacra's previous owner about the name of the chacra and thought she had heard that expression … Some time later, while she was weeding off the old well parapet, she found an iron sign on it that read “A Good Place”.

This is perhaps the most significant event in the naming of the family chacra. As Viviana says, "We bought "A Good Place" and turned it into "A Nice Place"… Munay Pampa.