In our regional products store you will find:

- Homemade honey and limoncello
- Aromatic herbs, chutneys, marmelades, oils, and aromatized vinegars
- Baskets with a variety of herbs, vegetables, and fruit of the season *1
- Flower arrangements, potpourris, and bouquet garni *2
- Ruanas, mantas, hand -woven baskets and hampers

In the middle of the Uruguayan pampas, delicious food and beautiful things to feed your spirit...

*1 Deliveries upon request. Check delivery area. Our products are delivered in reusable plastic crates that reduce the use of plastic bags.

*2 Floral arrangements for any occasion or event upon request.


Delicious food and more...

Guests can enjoy breakfasts, picadas, teas, and special meals and drinks served at small tables scattered around the nursery plantations, where animals graze freely

Munay Pampa's home cooking has the smells, colors and flavors of the vegetable garden in which most of the vegetables, fruit, and herbs used in the seasonal dishes served to our visitors are grown.

Particularly tempting are carrot and ginger cake - Viviana's specialty-; wholemeal loaf sandwich with goat cheese, green leaves and natural tomatoes; pizza with cous cous and zucchini, summer squash fruit, and red and green bell pepper, served with Munay, a sweet wine, (sweet wine and Mexican tarragon), homemade limoncello, or an herb teas with ginger and honey.